About Otford & Shoreham

Otford & Shoreham are two of the most picturesque villages in the Darent Valley and in the County. They are both surrounded by greenbelt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and I feel so honoured to represent such beautiful villages and help to play my part in trying to protect them so that future generations can also enjoy them.


Otford is famous for having the only listed pond and duck house in the country, but we also have the remains of the old Archbishop’s Palace and the scale model of the Solar system. It is now twinned with the French seaside town: Neufchatel-Hardelot.


Shoreham is famous for the white memorial cross in the hillside opposite the village church and we are home to the Shoreham Aircraft Museum since 1978. The ward includes the village of Shoreham (but not Badgers Mount or Well Hill) and the area known as the Otford Hills, East Hill or Knatts Valley.

The area locally known as Five ways in East Hill, where the junction splits into five directions: Bower Lane (towards Romney Street and Eynsford), Birchin Cross Road (towards Otford), Magpie Bottom (towards Shoreham), Goodbury Road (towards Kemsing) and East Hill Road (that leads to East Hill – a no through road).