Are you recycling everything you can?

So you’ve got a recycling routine that works for you. You know it inside and out and there’s not one empty plastic milk bottle or food can in sight in the kitchen – they’re all patiently waiting to be collected for recycling. The job is done! But is it really?

A new survey from Recycle Now looked at why people recycle and what areas of the home we need to get better at recycling in. One of the rooms that has a lot of easily recyclable products in, is the bathroom.

Recycling bathroom

Recycling in the bedroom

If everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium deodorant aerosol, enough energy would be saved to run a TV in over 151,000 homes for a year. Amazing isn’t it? Items to look out for include:

  • Empty tissue boxes
  • Old magazines
  • Empty deodorant aerosols and hairspray

Moving on to the living room…

Did you know that it takes seven days for a recycled newspaper to come back as newspaper again? You could be reading your favourite newspaper on recycled paper in no time at all! In this room you can often find these items for recycling:

  • Envelopes
  • Newspapers
  • Cardboard packaging from online shopping

Even air fresheners can make a difference – if one aluminium air freshener aerosol is recycled by everyone in the UK; enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 876,000 homes for a year – that’s a lot of tidy homes!

Back to the kitchen

Along with the usual drinks bottles in the kitchen, remember to check the cupboard under the sink! Items often forgotten include:

  • Washing-up liquid bottles
  • Bleach and surface cleaner bottles – just remember to remove the trigger top!
  • Washing liquid and conditioner bottles
  • Aerosols tins of furniture polish and air fresheners
  • Empty dishwasher tablet boxes and kitchen wrap boxes

Top tips

  • Rinse then squash cans and bottles
  • Flatten cardboard boxes

Recycling bathroom2