Ageing well in the Sevenoaks District

Healthy ageing in west Kent – your local guide’ is a new booklet with tips on staying well, aimed at people aged 70-plus in west Kent.  It is a companion booklet to ‘A practical guide to healthy ageing’, produced by NHS England with Age UK.

Click here to download the booklet:

The easy-to-read booklet also has advice on spotting signs of common illnesses at an early stage before they become more serious and where to go for help or advice if someone is worried about their health. It also has details of lots of local services to help older people stay independent, safe, and healthy.

These include information on what’s available to help you, a friend or relative:

  • Avoid a fall
  • Meet or get in touch with people
  • Carry on caring for someone you love

It has been produced on behalf of NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group to help people in west Kent manage their health and wellbeing.

The national booklet, ‘A practical guide to healthy ageing’ aims to help people over 70, who may be starting to become frail, to improve their general health and fitness.

It includes information on:

  • Looking after your feet
  • Looking after your eyes
  • Making your home safe
  • Keeping warm and well.

It also has a useful walking speed test, which you can use to see if you are affected by the slowing-down process of later life, so you can try some simple exercises or speak to your GP or nurse.

And it has an action plan, with recommendations, for you to complete.