Council sets budget for the coming year

Sevenoaks District Council has agreed its budget for the coming year (2015/16).

From April, its share of the Council Tax will increase by 1.95%, or an extra 7p a week (£3.69 a year) for the average household at Council Tax band D.

The average Council Tax for Sevenoaks District Council will now be £192.87 for the whole year.

The budget and the Council Tax have been set in the context of continuing reductions in financial support from Government as the country tackles the national deficit.

Cllr Peter Fleming, Leader of the Council, says: “In the last five years our revenue support grant has fallen by almost four million pounds. In real terms this means the funding for every man, women and child within the District has reduced from £55.95 in 2010 to £20.47 from April.

“With that bleak outlook, many would expect our budget to be full of cuts and massive reductions in services. But this is not the case. We have reduced bureaucracy, continue to make savings and streamlined our management structure.

“Through partnership working alone we now save £600,000 a year and we rent office space to the police, county council and Moat housing association generating extra income.

“Council Tax remains an important part of the make up of the finances of the Council. Our Council Tax increase is a little under 2%, equating to 7p a week. This, combined with our ongoing savings, means that we can continue to protect frontline services.”

The Council Tax was set last night (Tuesday 17 February) at the Full Council Meeting when all the District Members had the opportunity to vote on the issue.