SDC sets parking charges for the coming year

Sevenoaks District Council has amended its parking charge proposals following consultation with the community.

In November, the Council’s Cabinet put forward proposals to freeze all on street charges, to increase some car park charges and to replace the £1 evening charge in Sevenoaks town car parks with the standard daytime tariff.

At the same time it planned to reduce the time drivers would need to pay for parking during the evening by an hour so charging would end at 8.30pm instead of 9.30pm. The changes would come into effect in April but first the Council asked the community for its views.

Nearly 100 people and businesses responded to the consultation with a number objecting to the proposed changes to the evening charges.

In light of the comments, the Council’s Cabinet agreed to drop all proposals to change the evening charges. The remaining proposals will go ahead as planned.

Cllr Roddy Hogarth, the Council’s Cabinet Member for parking, says: “We have listened carefully to our residents, businesses and partners and in light of their comments I am happy to say we have changed our proposals. We recognise that we’re in challenging economic times, which is why we have frozen all of our on-street charges and frozen the majority of our off-street car park charges.”

Cllr Hogarth adds: “The proposal to extend the daytime charges into the evening was never intended to generate additional income but to make the charging structure more straightforward for our customers. People parking before 6pm and staying into the evening have told us it’s confusing purchasing a ticket. But we understand if the community does not support the proposal at this time and we are acting on their wishes.”

The new parking charges were agreed by Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet last night (Thursday 5 February 2015).