David Cameron: Children will be protected from online pornography

David Cameron has promised that children will be protected by a block on online pornography that parents will have to choose to have lifted.

The Prime Minister argues that a ‘more sophisticated system’ will be more effective then straightforward ‘on/off’ filters which are so wide-ranging that parents often switch them off in frustration when they block innocent sites. David Cameron is taking advice from the Mothers’ Union, which has advised the Government on how to shield children from adult and violent internet content by backing alternative proposals to allow parents to tailor exactly what their children can and cannot see.

I am a father of three young children and I take this issue extremely seriously. To me, the fact that so many children have visited the darkest corners of the internet is not just a matter of concern –  it is utterly appalling.  A  silent attack on innocence is underway in our country today and I am determined that we fight it with all we’ve got.”

David Cameron in today’s Daily Mail