Archive for Month: November 2012

  • M&S coming to Sevenoaks

    Planning permission for the new M&S at the Blighs shopping centre was approved tonight. It will include a cafe and underground car park. At last, us ladies (and some gents!) will have somewhere in the town to buy our knickers! On a more serious note with Waitrose helping to encourage shoppers to the South of…

  • Ann Barnes – the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent

    Due to the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections on 15 November Kent Police are now accountable to you through our new PPC: Ann Barnes. So if you need to contact her for any reason regarding Kent Police you can visit her website: and fill in the online questionnaire. Both Kent County Council and…

  • Dealing with Dementia: nationally and locally

    The Prime Minster, David Cameron, has issued a national challenge on dementia at the Dementia 2012 conference: committing to giving a boost to dementia research, addressing the quality of dementia care, increasing the public’s understanding of dementia and making communities more dementia friendly. A new website on the new PM Dementia Challenge has now…

  • Statement from the Parish Council about the future of Otford car park

    Chairman of Otford Parish Council, John Edwards Winser, says: The car park continues to be a contentious issue, but as I keep on saying, we will not be able to fully satisfy all of the stakeholder’s requirements whatever system we employ.  At the moment we have settled on a pay and display system that will…

  • Ann Barnes is Kent's new PCC

    Congratulations to Ann Barnes for winning the PCC elections in Kent. She won with 11,4137. Craig Mackinlay came second with 60248.

  • Anne Barnes carries Sevenoaks in PCC elections

    The results for Sevenoaks are Ann Barnes (Independent) –  5665 Liyanage Daidai (Independent) – 52 Craig MacKinlay (Conservative) – 4778 Steve Uncles (English Democrats) –  702 Piers Wauchope  (UKIP) – 1025 Harriet Bronwen Yeo (Labour) – 1163

  • Still waiting for results for PCC elections

    Only a 16% turnout in Sevenoaks with a 16.3% turnout across Kent as a whole. Highest turnout in Kent was Shepway with 20.3%.

  • You have until 10pm to cast your vote

    Today is polling day. It is a historic day as it is the first time that we can go to the polls and elect the person that will be in charge of our Police. Don’t forget to vote, you have until 10pm.

  • PC response to Otford Car Park anger

    Official response from Otford Parish Council: The concept of Pay and Display parking was agreed for the village car park at the Parish Council meeting on 12th November 2012. Your comments will be put to the Highways Committee which will be reconsidering the charges and the logistics of school drop off and pick up. If…

  • Don't forget to vote for Craig Mackinlay

    Tomorrow (Thursday 15 November) is polling day. Your chance to choose the person you want in charge of your police force. Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. Please don’t forget to vote. The Police & Crime Commissioner is an important post that makes the Police accountable to you. Make sure you have your…