STAG Youth films – join if you dare!

Sunday 14th October       

5pm or 6:30pm or 8pm. Choose the best time for you – you will see all three films!

But ticket numbers are limited and going fast.

You must let us know if you want to come along.

Contact Danielle Chapman at

 The Stag Theatre through its Youth Outreach partnership with MBP Digital runs regular professional film making courses. A group of young people spend a week thinking up ideas, creating a storyboard and a script, deciding who will be cast and who will be crew and then actually making the film.

Locations throughout Sevenoaks and beyond are used and the finished 20 minute feature films are shown on the big screen at the Stag Cinema

This term three courses were run creating three brand new feature-shorts.

  • Outbreak
  • Superzeroes
  • Timeless

I would like to invite you as a guest of the Stag to see these brand new films and to see the inventiveness and imagination of some of the young people of the District.

In addition if you know someone who might be interested then tell them about the new course we are running – in October half-term. Spookiness guaranteed!